Any Eyewitnesses to Catonsville Car-Cyclist Collision?

John saw an injured cyclist being tended to by EMTs on March 13th. He was in a his car, part of a traffic back up caused by the incident. We  were both concerned, as you always are when someone gets hurt. That normal response was heightened because this  incident happened about a 1.5 miles from where we live, in a location where we often cycle. We watched the news for a story about it but never saw one. Today we found out that we know the cyclist involved. Sad to say he was seriously injured.  I found out via an email from Charlie Murphy of Catonsville Rails to Trails:

On March 13, sometime in the late afternoon or early evening, Bikemore’s treasurer Tim Adams was riding his bicycle home from work when a car hit him at the intersection of Wilkens Avenue and South Rolling Road in Catonsville, near UMBC. (Interestingly, the Google Street View image of that intersection features someone on a bicycle.) He suffered severe injuries to his hip and his head, and had to undergo multiple surgeries, although he is slowly regaining his health.

Tim’s family is seeking eyewitness accounts of the accident. If you have any details that could aid the investigation, please contact and we will put you in touch with the family.

John didn’t see the collision happen but if you or anyone you know did see it, please get in touch with Bikemore. Whether in a motor vehicle or traveling on two wheels, be careful out there.


Spring has tiptoed into Baltimore. Daffodils and crocuses are beginning to show themselves and temperatures this week have stayed in the 40′s and above. After a combination of health and  weather challenges all winter I needed a little extra oomph to make sure I schedule in regular bike time now.

I found motivation in the 30 Days of Biking pledge. If I keep the pledge of biking every day in April (no matter what!) I help a child who otherwise would not have one to get a bike.  And of course once you start riding regularly you it quickly becomes self-reinforcing. So far this week they’ve been short rides. But a short ride is better than no ride!

Here’s some photos from the first four days. Haven’t gotten out there yet today, but I will.


Brompton a la Biblioteque

Brompton a la Biblioteque


The End of A Short  Chilly but Springtime Ride

The End of A Short Chilly but Springtime Ride


A Tree Blooms in Catonsville

A Tree Blooms in Catonsville

Vaya Bag Saddle Bag

Vaya Bag Saddle Bag

Vaya Bag Saddle Bag

Tianna Meilinger founder and owner  of Vaya Bags was at Baltimore’s American Craft Council Show again this year. It’s always nice to see her and check out what’s new with her creative recycled-material messenger bags, purses, panniers and accessories. Last year I got a medi messenger bag which I use a lot. It’s comfortable to carry, easy to adjust and for me, the perfect size.  It works well for multi-modal commutes and as an airplane carry-on too. This year I wanted a small saddlebag. I wasn’t sure if she still made them, but indeed she had the cylindrical bag with her, set up as a handlebar bag. She was ready to customize one as a saddle bag, adding on my requested rear light loop. About a week after I sent her the measurements for my saddle’s loops, the bag arrived. It attaches easily, is convenient to open and close, and holds a fair amount for such a compact bag.  My tool roll’s design is too bulky for it so it goes in the rando bag. As it’s made from recycled tire tubes this bag is waterproof, as are all Vaya bags (I think!).

Ride Before the Storm

Winter is normally a short-term visitor to the Baltimore-DC area.  This year it settled in for a long stay. Heeding the forecast of 3″ to god-knows-how-many inches of snow coming this evening with more, apparently, over the next 3 days, we got out for a ride this afternoon. Yesterday was a lovely cycling day, sunny and in the 60′s. Today, well, it was colder. Mid-40′s with the wind chill making it feel like the mid-30′s.  Not desperately cold but a far cry from our normal March weather.

While yesterday was warm it was very windy, the kind where you have to peddle pretty hard even going downhill. Today the lighter wind made the chilly ride do-able. I shifted from spring weather bike wear to winter layers and for once got it pretty much right. Wool cap under my helmet, long sleeved wool T plus wool pullover and a light wind-resistant jacket over all that, wool capris, heavy wool socks and fingerless gloves. I worried a bit about that last part but I find full gloves too hot once I get going, unless the temperatures are in the 30′s or lower.

I was pretty comfortable in this outfit, other than my right foot getting cold toward the end of the 15 miles. Why, I have to wonder, does just one foot get too cold? It happens every time I ride in cold weather.

So far in March, I can count on one hand the number of days I’ve ridden.  Following this snowfall (dare I hope it’s the last for this season?) and a work trip next week, my plan is to get out for at least 3 one-hour rides during the week plus our longer weekend rides. Time to start racking up some miles!

Back on the Bike

How was your February, bicycling-wise? Ours, not so good! Aside from the first weekend of the month, cold, snowy weather, icy roads and protracted illness kept us off our bikes. This first weekend of March  we rode both days. Speaking for my out-of-shape self, I felt sluggish and was very slow. Saturday we both got pretty chilled in spite of our layers of wool. Sunday was warmer, but the impending winter storm started earlier than we expected. We got rained on for the second half of the ride. At least it wasn’t sleet or snow (yet). Both days I have to admit I enjoyed the end of the ride more than the ride itself! It’s like that sometimes.

Mid Winter Rides


What’s this? Temperatures in the 40′s+ this weekend? We are so spending some time on our bikes. It’s a bit tricky figuring out what to wear to stay warm enough but not too warm in these shifting temperatures.

Today was so surprisingly warm that I worried about overheating if I layered up too much. Then there was the chance of rain to take into account. My cycling capris were awaiting laundering – I don’t normally need them 2 days in a row. I ended up wearing regular cycling shorts, wool socks, a wool short sleeve jersey and a light water and wind resistant jacket. I brought along my arm warmers just in case. Glad I did as halfway into the ride I needed them. Toward the end of our 20 mile ride we both started bonking. It had gotten noticeably colder, enough so that I looked forward to going uphill in order to warm up a bit. I had to wonder if being a bit under-dressed for the falling temperatures somehow took a toll on our energy?

In spite of that I feel lots better for having had a 2-ride weekend after so much cold, snowy, icy weather.