We like bikes. We ride for fun, for errands, for vacations and to work. We have a growing changing stable of bikes: folders, touring bikes, road bikes, a single-speed and there may be a tandem yet to come. Here you’ll find our take on cycling in the mid-atlantic area, and the cycling gear we use. Let us know what you think!

Current Bike Stable


2011 Rivendell Atlantis 52cm (light green)

2003 Rivendell Rambouillet 52cm (royal blue)

Brompton S Type (Turkish Green think Bianchi green)

5 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi! You are based in the catonsville area correct? My husband and I are both avid cyclists and are moving there at the end of the month. How is the after work riding? If you know of any good routes I’d love to hear about them! Thanks.

    • Hi, Jessie
      You’re correct, we are in Catonsville. Welcome! You’ll see lots of cyclists out on the local roads. I could certainly suggest some routes. In my opinion after-work cycling is a bit challenging here due to heavy car traffic, especially between about 5-6:30. But there are work-arounds for that and I certainly can suggest some routes. One would be our loop from Catonsville through Ellicott City. Another goes through Patapsco Park (there are a few ways to do that). One we do fairly often is ride to BWI airport and back. If you are up for a longer ride, there’s a route from C-ville to Annapolis that’s 60-70 miles. That’s just a few of the local options. I’d be glad to give you more detail. Let me know when you’re ready for more info.

      • I’d love to hear more about those routes. We’ve been extremely challenged with after work riding in our DC suburb so I’m looking forward to the catonsville workarounds! My husband is already saying we need to get mountain bikes, too… You can email me directly with the routes if you prefer. Jessie.parker at gmail. Thanks so much!!!

      • Hi, Jessie,

        Your husband is right, there are places to go mountain biking in town and nearby.

        In case you haven’t already found them, here’s some local cycling resources:

        1.Baltimore Bicycle Club – lots of rides, many of which start far enough away that you’d have to drive to the starting point. But some in this area too. Lots of route information on their web site.
        2. Catonsville Rails to Trails- they do some advocacy, some volunteer trail work and occasional organized rides
        3. The Hub and C’Ville Bikes – a new local bike shop
        4. Bike Maryland – mostly advocacy and education, and some cycling events in Baltimore
        5. Race Pace in Ellicott City – also a bike shop. I am not sure of this, but I think they sometimes sponsor rides too.

        I will also email you with the route info I mentioned.

  2. I was aware of some of those resources but not all of them – thanks very much! I will look forward to receiving the route info. 🙂

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