2016 Cycling Christmas Gifts

Under $30

Kleen Kanteen insulated water bottles ($25) – Great water bottle that keeps drinks hot or cold for over 12 hours with no aftertaste. Could be a heirloom.

Waltz pro cap ($25-30) – Great fitting and comfortable hats. Had one of a season and the elastic is just as good as when I got it and it does not get hot under the helmet like cotton hats.

Fixitsticks ($25-29) – These are amazingly effective tools that takes up almost no space at all.

Darn Tough Socks – ($25) Great socks, lifetime guarantee, and made in VT. Enough said.

Under $80

Ibex Arm warmers ($45) – Warm and toasty and comfy.

Oveja Negra top tube bags ($45-50) – I love these bags. They hold snacks, my iPhone, and my wallet. Very, very handy and well made.

Rapha winter hat ($70) – warm hat and very comfortable.

Light and motion 180 ($80) – very bright and probably the best rear light on the market.

Over $100

Rapha core bib shorts ($150) – These are amazingly comfortable.

Light and motion 360 ($150) – a great helmet mounted bright and highly visible light. Points light where you are looking. This is handy when some bonehead is coming at you from the side this time of year.

Hinterland Ozette Randonnuer bag ($230) – great and light front bag. I have owned several different Swift Industries bags. They have all been extremely well made and well thought out. This one has internal elastic ‘holders’ all along the sides to hold various items in place so they don’t rattle around.

Silca HX-One Home and Travel Essential Kit ($125) – These are great wrenches. Hands down the best I have ever used. Looks pretty damn cool also.

Giles Berthoud 86 Mini Front Bag ($244) – “This bag is almost too cool for words,” says the Boulder Icyclw  site. They’re right.

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