Baltimore Bike Commuting Challenges

A colleague of mine and I commute by bike from Catonsville to Locust Point 2-3 times a week. With the state’s current level of construction surrounding Baltimore, most days the bike commute is a faster commute. It is 45 minutes in (almost all downhill), about an hour home and almost perfectly 9 miles door-to-door. But there are challenges…

There is a bike trail that covers over three miles of it but we avoid it. There was a spate of bike jackings there in June. In fact, the guy who discovered that the city of Baltimore was closing their police stations at night was bike jacked [Link].  Also during July, there was  the week the city was pumping water — in theory — into the Gywnns Falls but most of it was on the trail. The fellows doing the work seemed very unconcerned that their work was wrecking the trail.  We had been using the trail in the morning with the idea that most bike jackers would still be in bed at 7:30 am.  I have been commuting on my Atlantis Rivendell and I have no desire to lose it. So we have been riding Frederick to Wilkins to Pigtown to Federall Hill to Locust Point and the reverse.  Until last Wednesday, this has worked great. Last Wednesday, I was hit head on by a teenager in Pigtown on a BMX bike. I flatted, wrecked my Wald basket and apparently bent my front fork. Personally, I got a small amount of road rash and a minor concussion. The Uber ride home is a bit of a blur… The teen rode off without a word of concern.

I love the idea of the commute. I get energized on the way into work and unwind on the way home. But I am beginning to wonder if it is worth the hassle. The cops are not arresting murderers so the chances they care about bike safety is probably a negative number. Politically, Baltimore is probably on the way to being the murder capital of the US for 2015. Bike safety is probably lower on the mayor’s priorities than the cop’s. I get that a runaway murder rate and a currently ineffective police force should be the top priorities. I am not asking for a task force but a bike cop on the Gywnns Falls trail during morning and evening rush hour would go a long way to making Baltimore a better place.


One thought on “Baltimore Bike Commuting Challenges

  1. Thanks for posting this. I a commute that is the reverse of what you do and I’m wary about taking the Gwynns Falls by myself in the morning.

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