Bilenky Ti-Coupled Travel Bike

As we have noted here before, Nancy and I purchased new bikes from Bilenky Cycle Works back in December. We got titanium coupled travel bikes that break down to fit into a suitcase. These are both all-road bikes in that they are built like road bikes but they have fat tires (I have 42mm Hetres on my bike).

The Build (John’s Bike)

On my bike, I was aiming to go as much “Made in the USA” as I could in the build. Here is my list of USA-supplied parts:
– Paul Racer Brakes
– White Industries hubs
– Velocity rims
– SRAM Force drivetrain/shifters. Not really made in the US but of the three big choices the closest I could get.
– Crank Brothers Candy 3 pedals (see above)
– Compass Cycles Hetre tires. Again not made in the US but the company is based in the US.
– Porcelain Rocket rear bag (Canada – close enough)
– Oveja Negra top tub bag
– Swift Industries front rack bag

Parts not made in the US include
– Nitto stem, handlebars (randonneur type), and seat post
– Berthoud saddle
– Brooks handlebar tape

So Tell Me About the Ride

The ride is pretty close to perfect. By that I mean, it is as perfect as I have ever ridden but hey maybe just maybe there is a more perfect I am unaware of. It is possible I suppose. The Bilenky team nailed it. I am comfortable for long stretches and a bit faster. The tires just eat up rotten pavement and I have discovered rotten pavement pretty much every ride I have lately. Whether it be Mid-Maryland, Baltimore, or upstate New York.

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