Nice Bike Rack

Nancy and I have a Thule hitch rack that we have used for about three years. It is a very good 1 1/4-inch hitch rack where the bikes hang from a top cradle. This works great with a regular bike but is a complete pain-in-the-ass with Nancy’s mixte frames. You need to get a bar that attaches to the stem and the seat post to hang the bike from. It works but I was consistently underwhelmed by the solution.

Swagman Semi 2

So I began the typical search for a new rack. There was a review on RKP for the Swagman Semi 2 rack that holds two bikes from the bottom. I found said rack on eTrailer. The rack came quickly — about a week and was a snap to assemble. This rack is amazing. It is a breeze to fold up, fold down, put a bike of any type on or off the rack. This rack is a major keeper. I could not recommend this rack more. If you have different kinds of bikes, this is your rack. 

There is one lever to fold the rack up close — but not too close — to the car. You can easily open my Impreza hatch with the rack folded. It takes me longer to get the bikes to the car than it does to put them on. Seriously. You can even tilt the rack with bikes further away from the car with the same lever.

Putting the bikes on the rack is a simple as putting the bike into the two well-made ‘slots’ to hold each wheel and bring down a bar that holds the front end of the bike stable. Then you strap in the rear wheel like you do on a roof rack. Viola! You are done and ready to roll to your ride.

The rack is very well made with solid welds that are nicely done. Unlike the Thule, I have not had to use a rubber mallet to get the damn rack into or out of the car hitch.


This was my first experience with eTrailer and I could not say enough positive things about them! They were great to work with. They have excellent videos on assembly and mounting. They have excellent videos showing the rack on different types of cars. They will be the place I go in the future to get another rack in a decade when I need another one. Everything about the experience including a follow-up email from a person asking how the experience was.


It is not often that I have not one but two very positive reviews in one post. However, this one breaks all the rules. eTrailer was an awesome company selling an awesome product!


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