Trip to Bilenky

Yesterday, Nancy and I traveled up to Philadelphia to visit Bilenky Cycle Works. It was a very exciting day! I mean new, custom bikes. How cool is that??? The trip was pretty quick, 2+ hours up 95 and with the miracle of GPS, it was pretty straigtforward finding their shop. It is just as described, right next to a Junkyard and the ceiling and walls are covered with bikes.


We met with Steve and Tom and discussed what we were looking for and got measured. This was a funny mixture of Grant Peterson measurements and a fancy Calfee machine to set up and get the ‘perfect’ fit for you where all variable can be changed. It was very informative and I could not say enough positive things about the experience. Both Steve and Tom were great to work with through this process.


My bike needs are weird in that I need a 50cm seat tube coupled with a 55cm top tube. I have requested a Ti bike but I would like to handle larger tires so I am getting a steel fork so that I can handle up to 42mm tires like the Grand Bois Hetre. We are awaiting final pricing on parts and then the wait begins.


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