Early 2014 Bike Review

Christ, it has been awhile since I have posted here. Work has been crazy and I have not bike commuted since before the Seagull Century in early October of last year. Also shockingly for me, I have not really bought much bike schwag this year. But I did buy some…

Brooks Cambium saddle

I have seen these at the Philly Bike Show. They looked interesting and they claimed waterproof. Since I live in Maryland where it has been known to rain more than say New Mexico, I was interested. I perpetually lose the damn Brooks saddle covers for the regular leather saddles like twice a year. While this is good for Velo-Orange and Rivendell, it sucks when I am awaiting my order.

So I bought a grey one this spring and put it on the Rambouillet. Comfortable, check. Attractive, check. Waterproof, check. FWIW, I got the grey one since blacks shorts apparently stain the tan ones and it does not look pretty. Nancy got the tan one so we will see…

What I Like

What I have learned is that this saddle is comfortable immediately (for me at least. your mileage may vary). I did find it a bit “grippy” when I first got it and was trying to slide back into the saddle. This faded in the first couple of rides though.


Stylish though not a leather saddle.

Absorbs a lot of road vibrations.

What I did not like

Not a damn thing.

strong buy recommendation


7 thoughts on “Early 2014 Bike Review

  1. These are my comments based on 4 rides on my Cambrium so far, totaling about 75 miles. Overall I like it. John’s right about the shock absorption. It’s shaped differently from my B17s, and we had to play with the positioning a bit. After riding on it a couple of times I realized I needed to raise my seat post ¼”. So far no staining from my shorts. I should say all my bike shorts have been washed many times. As to comfort, it feels like riding a brand new Brooks leather saddle: comfortable and very firm. It’s causing some sit-area tenderness which I’m assuming will go away over time. I’ll let you know!

      • With appropriate trepidation, anxiety, and excitement. Hoping that John and you might be able to join me for a few days of riding. Hope all is going well with the wedding plans!


      • All is going well with the wedding plans – thanks for asking. September’s coming up pretty fast! . Maybe we can join up with you on your tour. Let’s see what’s happening as the time draws near.

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