Any Eyewitnesses to Catonsville Car-Cyclist Collision?

John saw an injured cyclist being tended to by EMTs on March 13th. He was in a his car, part of a traffic back up caused by the incident. We  were both concerned, as you always are when someone gets hurt. That normal response was heightened because this  incident happened about a 1.5 miles from where we live, in a location where we often cycle. We watched the news for a story about it but never saw one. Today we found out that we know the cyclist involved. Sad to say he was seriously injured.  I found out via an email from Charlie Murphy of Catonsville Rails to Trails:

On March 13, sometime in the late afternoon or early evening, Bikemore’s treasurer Tim Adams was riding his bicycle home from work when a car hit him at the intersection of Wilkens Avenue and South Rolling Road in Catonsville, near UMBC. (Interestingly, the Google Street View image of that intersection features someone on a bicycle.) He suffered severe injuries to his hip and his head, and had to undergo multiple surgeries, although he is slowly regaining his health.

Tim’s family is seeking eyewitness accounts of the accident. If you have any details that could aid the investigation, please contact and we will put you in touch with the family.

John didn’t see the collision happen but if you or anyone you know did see it, please get in touch with Bikemore. Whether in a motor vehicle or traveling on two wheels, be careful out there.


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