Ride Before the Storm

Winter is normally a short-term visitor to the Baltimore-DC area.  This year it settled in for a long stay. Heeding the forecast of 3″ to god-knows-how-many inches of snow coming this evening with more, apparently, over the next 3 days, we got out for a ride this afternoon. Yesterday was a lovely cycling day, sunny and in the 60’s. Today, well, it was colder. Mid-40’s with the wind chill making it feel like the mid-30’s.  Not desperately cold but a far cry from our normal March weather.

While yesterday was warm it was very windy, the kind where you have to peddle pretty hard even going downhill. Today the lighter wind made the chilly ride do-able. I shifted from spring weather bike wear to winter layers and for once got it pretty much right. Wool cap under my helmet, long sleeved wool T plus wool pullover and a light wind-resistant jacket over all that, wool capris, heavy wool socks and fingerless gloves. I worried a bit about that last part but I find full gloves too hot once I get going, unless the temperatures are in the 30’s or lower.

I was pretty comfortable in this outfit, other than my right foot getting cold toward the end of the 15 miles. Why, I have to wonder, does just one foot get too cold? It happens every time I ride in cold weather.

So far in March, I can count on one hand the number of days I’ve ridden.  Following this snowfall (dare I hope it’s the last for this season?) and a work trip next week, my plan is to get out for at least 3 one-hour rides during the week plus our longer weekend rides. Time to start racking up some miles!


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