Back on the Bike

How was your February, bicycling-wise? Ours, not so good! Aside from the first weekend of the month, cold, snowy weather, icy roads and protracted illness kept us off our bikes. This first weekend of March  we rode both days. Speaking for my out-of-shape self, I felt sluggish and was very slow. Saturday we both got pretty chilled in spite of our layers of wool. Sunday was warmer, but the impending winter storm started earlier than we expected. We got rained on for the second half of the ride. At least it wasn’t sleet or snow (yet). Both days I have to admit I enjoyed the end of the ride more than the ride itself! It’s like that sometimes.


5 thoughts on “Back on the Bike

  1. Good to see that weather has been ok to ride. I don’t miss that stuff back there. So far this year, I have almost 1,000 miles and 90,000 feet of climbing. Feels good, but the weather is WAY too warm for this time of the year. Should be colder and wetter…


    • Pat you are way, way ahead of me on miles on the bike for 2014! We have a new 4″ of snow from the latest storm and I don’t think it’s entirely done with for the month. Time will tell.

      • Well, Nancy, I have a few advantages…retired and great weather. Plus, no where around here is flat, so, no matter where I ride, it’s up or down. It averages between 80-100 feet of climbing per mile.

        As for the snow, I don’t envy you guys…and I don’t miss it. Having lived in this climate for so long now, I only enjoy that stuff is small doses. Hopefully, it’ll start to get better back there and you’ll be on the bike more.

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