Mid Winter Rides


What’s this? Temperatures in the 40’s+ this weekend? We are so spending some time on our bikes. It’s a bit tricky figuring out what to wear to stay warm enough but not too warm in these shifting temperatures.

Today was so surprisingly warm that I worried about overheating if I layered up too much. Then there was the chance of rain to take into account. My cycling capris were awaiting laundering – I don’t normally need them 2 days in a row. I ended up wearing regular cycling shorts, wool socks, a wool short sleeve jersey and a light water and wind resistant jacket. I brought along my arm warmers just in case. Glad I did as halfway into the ride I needed them. Toward the end of our 20 mile ride we both started bonking. It had gotten noticeably colder, enough so that I looked forward to going uphill in order to warm up a bit. I had to wonder if being a bit under-dressed for the falling temperatures somehow took a toll on our energy?

In spite of that I feel lots better for having had a 2-ride weekend after so much cold, snowy, icy weather.


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