Recent Rides or Lack Thereof

Mostly I’ve been doing short rides around the neighborhood lately but for the past week not even that. Being a pedestrian can be dangerous as I proved last Friday evening. We’d had an icy rain overnight which caused a lot of mishaps. But it warmed up as the day went on and by evening only the thickest patches of ice remained. That evening I found a lingering icy spot on the slight incline of a sidewalk curb cut. No serious harm was done but enough to keep me off the bike even though last weekend was lovely. Thanks to immediate applications of ice, comfrey oil, arnica, and after a couple of days, heat I’ve recovered much faster than I thought possible. Acupuncturist and massage therapist Kristen LaSor helped a lot too.

This afternoon John asked if I’d like to join him for ride. I decided to give it a try. It was a beautiful, somewhat windy, slightly chilly day, and I wanted to get out there.

It’s tricky dressing for changing winter weather, isn’t it? It’s been a winter of shifts between incredible cold and springlike warmth. Today I tried a silk tank top base layer, a light wool long sleeve t-shirt, a medium-weight wool zip sweater, a wool Buff folded into a cap, Ibex Momentum jacket, light Ibex wool gloves, Ibex wool/spandex cycling capris and Darn Tough knee high wool socks. I was glad of all these layers on the longer, steeper downhills and in the somewhat surprising headwind we encountered, but was a bit over-warm while climbing. About halfway into the ride my right foot got cold and stayed that way, one of the reasons I was very glad indeed when we arrived home.

I can’t say the ride was pain-free (recovery still in progress) but I can say I did it! Here’s to staying (somewhat) in shape.


The Soma and I were both glad to complete today's ride!

The Soma and I were both glad to complete today’s ride!


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