First Ride of 2014

A beautiful New Year’s Day, sunny and in the high 30’s. My riding routine has slowed down a lot the past few months. While I haven’t stopped entirely a combination of early wintry weather, a series of colds and just plain  laziness has reduced my mileage a lot. Today we got out for a 15.5 mile ride. It was good! Too bad I have no photos. My phone may be smart but sometimes I’m not. Should have recharged it earlier in the day.

Did you get a ride in today?


3 thoughts on “First Ride of 2014

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  2. Yes, I got 12 miles in around Alexandria VA. There were a surprising number of cyclists out today, enjoying the blue skies and keeping their resolution for at least one day.

  3. Bob, great way to start the new year! In addition to the weather, traffic was so light; at least it was around here. We saw a few other cyclists during our late afternoon ride. Maybef we’d have seen lots more if we’d gone out earlier in the day.

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