That is what the life of a cyclist is worth in Maryland — a pathetic $2,000.

This Washington Post article is about a mother, a wife, a teacher, and a coach who was run down by a thoughtless driver. The car just happened to be the weapon. If you follow the link, you will read about all the absurdities of our “justice” system:

  • The Anne Arundel prosecutor who was gutless and handed this off to a grand jury so she did not bear responsibility.
  • The grand jury who believed that this incident only demanded $2,000 in traffic fines.
  • The driver who has remained silent as far as I know but I would bet my $1 that she and her wealthy family have exerted all the influence they could so that the prosecutor would not charge her.

If I shoot someone with a gun, I go to prison. If I stab someone with a knife, I go to prison. Poison someone, same. Strangle, same. Smother, same. Bludgeon, same. Pretty much any way you kill someone, you go to the pokey. Which is exactly how it should be. So why is it that if you kill someone with your car and you are not drunk, you get off scott free. Why is it that this country seems to believe that it is okay to kill someone with your car?


One thought on “$2,000

  1. Most often, drivers aren’t even given a citation, so the fine is a surprise. Must have felt a little guilty, so they threw in a few bucks to express their remorse. Truly American justice…

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