Time Out/Recharging/Philly Bike Expo

As noted here, Nancy and I rode the Seagull Century the first weekend in October. Since that day, I have ridden a grand total of twice. Both were short rides of under 20 miles. This has been a combination of work being crazy busy making bike commuting problematic, the change in seasons and times, and me just needing a break. I have ridden 2,051 miles this year so far and still have a faint hope of reaching 2,500 this year. October was beautiful but I chose to do yard work or interior work rather than ride. I just needed a break.

This weekend, Nancy and I went to Philadelphia to the Philly Bike Expo hosted by Bilenky. The expo is great. Small enough that it is pretty intimate but big enough that you get to check out some builders without being swarmed by hundreds of other bike geeks. It was in the convention center this year and it was a markedly better building but I missed some of the vendors from last year. Both Swift Industries and North Street bags were absent this year (Hurricaine Sandy might have had an adverse reaction to east coast events). In fact, there were hardly any bag manufacturers. There was a small booth of ReLoad bags but nothing much.

We talked with the great folks at Bilenky and saw the very cool Tour d’Africa bike. We chatted for a good ten minutes with Bryan from Royal H Cyles. He is a great guy and they were added to the list of possible builders for the possible next bike. I had heard of him via Lovely Bicycle. He had a beautiful frame there and two old biycles that he has rehabbed and they were both amazing. I got a reversible wool hat from Fifo and an Abus lock from Firth and Wilson Tranportation Bike shop. I am very excited to try out the hat this coming weekend (or maybe this week if work co-operates). Nancy scored a lovely plaid cape from Cleverhood.

I also got a great vest from a Blue Claw pop-up and we went to Elixr coffee twice. Restaurant experiences ranged from great beer, wings, and conversation with friends of Nancy’s from Philly at the Devils Alley to pretty ordinary Chinese food. We did hit the sublime Hop Sing Laundramat. This could very well be the greatest bar on the east coast. I had two spectacular bourbon drinks: the Captain Kirk with a maple licquer and the classic Old Fashioned.


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