Cycling with Asthma

There’s nothing remarkable about being one of the 26 million or so people in the US who has asthma. Nor is there anything unusual in people with asthma bicycling or doing other athletic things. I’ve had asthma since childhood. It disappeared for a while, then returned as I approached 40. So I’ve been living with it for about 20 years of my adult life. It’s under good enough control that I can kind of forget about it most of the time. My doctor impresses on me to always have a rescue inhaler available. Most of the time I forget, though I do always keep one on my bike. Something about exercise often makes me need a shot of that stuff.

It was remarkable to me that last Tuesday while out for a low-elevation neighborhood ride I could not get enough air. The problem had slowly been building up, seeming at first much more like the leftover of an earlier cold than anything else. But now I could see it was more than just that. The rescue inhaler didn’t help much. So for the second time in 2 decades I needed a prescription for Prednisone. It wasn’t a big asthma attack, just a reminder. It’s an alert to always remember my meds, and a reason to be grateful. Most of the time, asthma or not, I can be as active as I like. That’s a lot to be grateful for!


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