Lake Champlain Inn-to-Inn trip August 2013

North Hero Island

Now that is one hell of a title. In early August Nancy and I went on the Adventure Cycling Lake Champlain trip. The trip started in Burlington, Vermont — one of my favorite towns in the country. We spent seven days on the road with one rest day circling Lake Champlain which sits between upstate New York and Vermont and Canada eh? Our route was

  • Burlington
  • North Hero Island
  • Plattsburgh
  • Westport
  • Ticonderoga
  • Middlebury (rest day)
  • Burlington

The route was just amazing. The routes were well designed and for an area of the country that has winter, the roads were in great shape. the places we stayed varied but they were all very pleasant. They ranged from the lovely North Hero Inn and the Middlebury Inn on one end and two nondescript motels whose hey days were 30 years ago. All the others were nice business hotels (Best Western and one that escapes me). All of them had nice showers, beds, etc. 

We averaged high 35–45 for mileage every day with the exception of the rest day. We carried our own gear.


Our fearless leaders — Kevin and Happy — were both excellent and had the patience of Job. Kevin repaired a front hub that had come apart on the side of the road. Having attempted once in my life to rebuild a hub in a workshop, doing it on the side of the road was awe inspiring. Happy was the second most appropriately named person I have ever met. Lunches by bike trip standards were quite decent – cold cut sandwiches, cheese, fruit, cookies, etc. Dinners were way better than average. All the meals were good and several were exceptional. The riders like all bike rides varied but were very nice.

I would absolutely recommend this trip.

Small photo set here.


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