Howard Chapel Cemetary

During a recent weekend ride, John and I stopped at Howard Chapel Cemetery. Curious about the African American community the sign referred to, I looked up Howard Chapel on the interwebs this a.m. The property is now a part of Patuxent State Park and there’s a detailed written and photographic record of it’s history [here]( George Enoch Howard, a former slave who bought his freedom in 1857, purchased the 289.5 acre property for himself and his family. He purchased it from the heirs of his former master. I am trying to imagine this. First he bought his freedom. Then he bought the property from his former owner.

He later built a church and a school on it for the community. Burials began in the cemetery in 1901. Now all that remains is the cemetery.


2 thoughts on “Howard Chapel Cemetary

  1. Thanks so much for looking this up for me! I rode past it at some point this summer (the training rides are beginning to blur…), but forgot about it until I saw your photo. What am amazing history!

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