End of summer reviews

Catlike Kompacto Helmet


This is one fine helmet. I have one fat head and this helmet in size large fits, is light and very comfortable, and the straps are very easy to adjust. The helmet is cool in the heat with large vents in the front with a very well-thought out screens to keep out bugs, bees, etc. It does not look as unique as the high-end helmet, the Whisper and the Whisper Plus but it is also half the price.


Swift Industries Roll Top Panniers


These panniers are great looking, very roomy, and very, very well-built. On the 7-day Inn-to-Inn trip, they easily held my bike clothes (2 pair bike shorts, 5 jerseys, socks, rain jacket, and light wool top) in one pannier and my off-bike clothes (2 pair shorts, 4 shirts, and a pair of shoes for off bike) with plenty of room to spare in the other pannier. They easily pack and unpack and considering they are made of waxed canvas they are pretty light. They are lined with vinyl so they are completely waterproof. Nancy has the codura panniers and they are lighter. The front of the bag has a small zippered pouch that held spare tires (2) on one side and a medical kit on the other side. They have a rear-facing pouch that easily held a spare water bottle — Kleen Kanteen. These rear-facing pouches also had a reflective stripe. I would heartily recommend these bags! They also have a ‘notch’ on the front side to avoid heel strike. I have the standard mounting mechanism and they mount and dismount easily.

Swift Industries

Rapha Club Jersey

Somewhere along the route

Somewhere along the route

I am a fan of wool jerseys and shorts but not a fan of scratchy wool. These jerseys are a wool polyester blend that looks great, wicks great in the heat, not scratchy in the least and best of all, has a zippered pocket on the right side. I love by Ibex Duo shorts but don’t think the short-sleeved jerseys are very good looking. These are pretty expensive if you don’t get them on sale and I cannot say at this point how long they last. I have synthetic jerseys going on ten years old that don’t look like they have ever been worn. If I am that lucky with these, they would be a great deal.



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