Pictures from the Shorefire Century

Lots of this kind of scenery

Lots of this kind of scenery

First and Third Rest Stop

First and Third Rest Stop, Clayton DE

John and I rode the 65 mile metric  route with the Shorefire Century today. The weather was ideal, or close to it. The high reached 81 and the only challenge were occasional vigorous headwinds.  Of course the strongest came at the final 10 miles of the ride. It was a great day to be out riding. Riding along the sound of the wind was surprisingly  loud. Accompanying it was the cicadas’ late summer song.

This was my longest ride on new Soma. This bike has made me faster. I noticed that the first time I rode it; it’s changing my idea of my capacities as a cyclist.

Riding the ANT, much heavier and, I now realize, perhaps needing to be better fitted to me,   I am hard pressed to reach 10 mph and fall below that on hilly terrain. Today even with wind, fatigue and a bit of muscle soreness that closed in on me for the final 8-10 miles, I averaged a little better than 13 mph. Not super fast by any means but a decent pace. This makes the century we’ll be doing in October seem much more possible.


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