Now That Was Fun!

I wanted to fit in a quick ride this morning, as I have a 2.5-day business trip, leaving this afternoon and returning late Thursday. This will be a busy couple of days with no time for cycling, so the Brompton isn’t coming along.

I started out on Rolling Rd to Selford, a trafficky route at rush hour.  On impulse I turned right on Francis, a 4-way stop where I usually turn left. I found myself in a beautiful neighborhood.

Historic Relay

Historic Relay

I’ve seen mention of Relay but until this morning didn’t know where it was. At this sign I had the choice of turning right or left.  I chose left, riding along Rolling Rd S, a narrow 2-lane road, which (happily) had very light traffic.  After a mile or so I saw a sign for “State Park” and soon came to the Avalon entrance to Patapsco State Park, just as  Rolling was about to intersect Rte 1. I didn’t quite know where I was, and I have zero sense of direction. Even so, I was pretty sure that I’d soon find myself in a familiar location. If not, plan B was to turn around and retrace my route.

Indeed I soon came to a sign pointing toward Glen Artney Rd/Grist Mill path and took that well-known route out of the park and to River Rd.  Along the way I saw just few other people jogging or cycling. Nice way to start the day!





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