Tour Day 8

Middlebury – Burlington, 34 miles by car, 38 by our bike route.

The last day’s route involved a covered bridge, a stop at a great deli/grocery in Charlotte, and more beautiful scenery. It started out the same as our previous self-chosen ride with John’s sister and brother-in-law. That gave us a vivid demo of the difference between riding an unencumbered vs a loaded bike. All I can say is wow.

Ready to take off:

We saw art in unexpected places: rock sculptures along the causeway coming out of Burlington, the sculpture garden outside of Plattsburgh NY and this mobile at a lakeside part in VT:

Our intrepid, capable, hardworking tour leaders, Kevin and Happi. Kudos to them for their commitment to making the trip a great experience for us. Their planning was meticulous. Our lodgings ranged from lovely to 50’s style family motels, depending on what each town offered. Most meals were terrific, a few were meh, but that again is the luck of what’s available at each stop. Most certainly we did not go hungry! Each day Kevin and Happi found a store to buy snacks and lunch supplies for the next day. That meant in addition to their own clothes and gear, they lugged pounds of food for our group of 15 as well. They clearly put in many hours finding lodging and meals for us ahead of time and plotting the beautiful route. They even arranged for it to rain only one day of the trip, and that was our layover day. Nice work.

Can I arrange for my whole life to be this way please? Everyday getting up to a great breakfast, followed by a long ride through gorgeous country side, then a wonderful dinner, with beer and conversation, closing with the deep sleep of the well-exercised. It was wonderful. As great as it is to get back home, I was sorry to see the tour end.


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