Tour Day 7

Rest day today in Middlebury VT. Started with breakfast at the Inn, a stroll through town that included a visit to a local bakery (Otter Creek) and to a small bike shop where John got a Vermont-made tool roll.

Otter Creek

While other members of our tour group went on either 20 or 37-mile rides, or enjoyed Middlebury’s shops and galleries, we relaxed and awaited John’s sister and brother-in-law. They’ve recently taken up cycling, live near the region where we’ve been touring and were able to make time to join us today.

They arrived late morning, and fortified by coffee at the Otter Creek Cafe and Bakery, wanted to try a ride to Vergennes and back. At 25 miles, this would double the length of rides they’ve previously done.

We took off in a light rain, really the first rain we encountered all week. The two of them did a great job handling the hills and the distance. When we got past the mileage they were used to, and a hill became too much (and there were plenty of them on the route) they just walked for a bit.

We had lunch at 3 Square in Vergennes and then retraced the route back. By this time the rain had stopped and eventually we got sunshine.The hills were manageable but seemed a little shorter but steeper on the return ride.

There was one encounter with an extremely large and wide piece of farm equipment travelling toward us on the narrow road we rode along. The driver had to move way over onto the shoulder and we had to do the same to create a few inches of space to allow him to pass us.

Beautiful view along the way.


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