Tour Days 4 & 5

No Internet connection yesterday, so no post until today. We ended our 43-mile (I think) hilly route (about 2000 feet elevation total) in Westchester. Great weather again. Could not ask for better. The owners of the Lake Shore Hotel left the doors open and keys in our rooms so we wouldn’t have to ride the extra mile to their other property the West Chester Inn, in order to check in. We were very ready for dinner they provided at the Inn that evening.

Earlier in the day, we found this whimsical sculpture garden a few miles outside of Plattsburgh.

Further along the route, we got to see New York state’s "Grand Canyon of the East." Does every state have a "grand canyon?" I know Pennsylvania does.

And finally, this sign and motto on a conveniently placed outhouse:

No new photos today as my iphone’s battery had run down overnight, vainly seeking a signal. We had a short ride of 28 miles to Ticonderoga. Shorter hills that were easier climbs today, other than the short steep one at Port Henry, where a Stewart’s dairy store provided a great rest stop.


2 thoughts on “Tour Days 4 & 5

  1. Nancy, was that David Smith’s sculpture? He was a well known sculptor in the region and had his metal shop there. We could see his works from the road when we used to travel up Hwy 9 in the Lake George area, while visiting my mom’s family there. Sounds like you are having a great trip!

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