Very Good Aim or Very Bad

Someone threw something at me toward the end of a late afternoon ride this past Wednesday. I was climbing uphill on Frederick Road. There was a sound like a small explosion and a something fell hard into the undergrowth beside the road. At car sped past as I processed these bits of sensory input. It took a minute for me to realize the exploding sound was right behind me and was probably something on my bike.

I kept going until I reached the top of the hill. Inspecting it for damage I found the taillight was knocked clean out of the case. Lucky indeed that there was so little damage. The asshole maybe meant to break my light and had amazingly accurate aim. Or they meant to do worse and had lousy aim.

I’ve been harassed verbally and by vehicle but never before had anything thrown at me. Sure I can wear visible clothing, follow rules of the road, and wear a helmet. But what can cyclists do about this kind of hazard?


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