Tour Time

Riding these past 2 months has been a little tough. It’s been either non- stop rain or incredible heat and humidity since June.  We’ve gotten out there as much as possible and I think we’re ready for our tour, which starts next weekend.  It’s Adventure Cyling’s Lake Champlain inn-to-inn, which starts next weekend. We’ll leave and end up in Burlington VT. This is a pretty low mileage tour, with 218 miles planned. It’s in the foothills of the Adirondacks. We’ll be carrying our own clothes and gear. I expect that the terrain and the light loads we’ll carry will add a bit of challenge.

There are some thing you can do to get ready for a tour.  You can get yourself in shape.  You can make sure you bring the clothes and supplies you’re likely to need, including emergency items like spare tubes, tires and first aid items. You can figure out whether to bring a book or your iPad for that short interval after you lay down and before you fall asleep.

There are some things you can’t do much about though. Like having a tooth go bad right before the trip.  Yup, I did that. Goodbye to tooth #31. Oh,  did I mention my intense fear of dental procedures? The tooth was pulled yesterday.  I’m feeling pretty good today, aided a great deal by Tylenol with codeine. I can now be as active as I want to be now, says the oral surgeon.  No one, least of all me, wants a tooth extracted but this went as well as it could have. So lets turn our thoughts back to the trip.

I’m excited to have a week where my sole purpose is to have fun, to cycle new territory, meet the tour group and try out my new Swift Short Stack  panniers.  By the end of this trip I’ll should have plenty of feedback about them.


New Short Stack Panniers

New Short Stack Panniers

It’s crunch time now as by next Thursday night those panniers need to be packed. This takes a lot of thought as you try to bring exactly what you’ll need and no more. My first tour was our self-lead trip on the Eastern Shore. We stayed in hotels and B&Bs. I brought just one off-bike outfit, a light-weight dress. I figured I’d always have just showered when I put it on. That worked out, other than I got so sick of that dress I wanted to burn it by the end of the trip!



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