Lucky Day

I’ve been getting out for  early morning rides during this very hot, humid week.  (Thanks, Pat!). Today I had time for just a short ride. I chose a route that includes quite a bit of climbing. At the peak of one of the hills, I stopped with the plan of taking a photo of the climb I’d just completed.

But wait!  I no longer had my cell phone. I retraced the route  to see if I could discover where it had jumped out of the rando bag’s pocket .  No luck. Once home, I opened the Find My iPhone app on my iPad. There it was, a little blue dot near the bottom of a steep hill about 2 miles from home. I returned there  by bike,  on a mission to rescue my device. I rode past the place where the phone should be and slowly walked my bike up the hill looking for it. Still no luck. Plenty of thick tangles of weeds and deep puddles, but no phone.

Back  home, I checked in with the colleague who organized a 2-hour conference call due to start soon. She was ok with me missing the start of the call, so I headed back out once more, this time by car. After parking about 1/8 of a mile from the phone’s location I started walking, making myself methodically scan the road and berm as I went. I paused as I got close to where it should be.  And lo,  a faint, electronic voice,  in a familiar monotone said:, “Endo paused.” My phone! I was tracking the ride Endomondo and now it was commenting rather derisively on the long wait.  There was my iPhone, laying face down  and undamaged in the dirt beside the road.

That was just plain lucky. What can I say?




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