Brompton with Basket

Brompton with Basket

Brompton with Basket: Back From Local Farmers Market


6 thoughts on “Brompton with Basket

  1. Hi there,

    I like the basket on your Brompton. Would like to know if you need a front carrier frame to attach it and what Peterboro basket did your purchase?

    • Hi, Poh Ling Lew – thanks for taking a look at our blogt! I love that basket but don’t know what it’s called. I bought it from a vendor at the local farmer’s market. If it helps to know this, it has a carrying handle. I attached it to the handlebars with the 2 leather straps that came with the basket. To make it a bit more secure, I also used a toe strap strung pushed through the woven wood to attach it to the stem. I don’t use any other support. I do carry fairly light loads that way and it’s worked just fine.

      • Thank you Nancy for the info. I have seen the alike basket on Peterboro’s website and a little bit overwhelmed by the varieties they have. I have just had a Brompton bike 2 weeks ago and thought that a carrying basket would work good for me. I find the Brompton bags be it front or back too expensive and most of them need additional purchase of front carrier frame and block/latch,

        Would like to know if the 2 leather straps attached to the handlebars ever caused problems to the brake cables?

      • No problems with the cables. I was careful where I attached the straps. Just be aware you can’t carry much weight that way. The Brompton bag and attachment system is better if you have a lot to carry.

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