Braved the Weather and the Hills

With thunderstorms in the forecast, the sky heavy with clouds and the air thick with humidity, I bravely headed out yesterday for a mid-day ride. Until I was in the saddle I wasn’t sure of my route. I decided on this one:

Image 5-24-13 at 9.32 PM

Under 11 miles, it includes a short and steep hill that’s a fitness marker. If I can make it up without stopping, I’m in pretty good shape. I made it. So, yay me.  The reward was a fast roll down Rogers, not as steep but longer. Which left me to go through Old Town and climb out the 3 hills between Ellicott City and Catonsville. Never easy, but not  bad when the ride is short and you’re feeling good.

Midway through the ride I stopped to check out the tiny Ellicott City Colored School, built in 1880 as Howard County‘s first school for African American children. Though of course that wouldn’t have been the term used then. Looking at this building makes you wonder about many things.

2013-05-23 13.15.56

Once out of Old Town, wonderfully uncrowded in the middle of a workday, and climbing the first of the Three Sisters I pondered that I’ve named all four of the bigger hills found on this route. Not something I normally do. I’ve developed a very personal relationship with them. I was lucky with the weather, no rain until much later.


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