Usual Ride, Unusual Flat

Mostly John and I don’t get flats. For a couple of years I had Schwalbe Marathons, which were bulletproof. Other than when I picked up a giant nail midway into our 2009 Eastern Shore tour. No tire could have withstood that. John hasn’t had a flat in 5 years.

Last year we both switched to Compass tires. Compass Bicycles website says of them: ” … Compass tires roll faster, absorb shocks much better, and offer greatly improved cornering grip. Warning: You may never want to go back to your old tires after riding these.”  I agree. The Schwalbes were great. These are greater.  Paired with Schwalbe tubes, they have  been trouble free.  That is until today. What John hoped was a slow leak in his rear tire turned out to require changing the tube. The culprit turned out to be a  tiny sharp piece of metal embedded in the tire. As a result our 16 mile ride took a bit longer than usual.  Good thing we weren’t in a hurry!


2 thoughts on “Usual Ride, Unusual Flat

  1. Actually just got a new pair of Marathons. An embedded sliver of glass gave me three flats in as many weeks. I even changed routes before noticing the puncture was always in the same place.

    • You must have gotten very efficient at changing flats after all the unwanted practice! A tiny sliver of glass would be hard to detect.

      Here’s to many miles of flat-free riding on the Marathons.

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