Papa got some new shoes

This spring I got new pedals for first the commuter bike (Rivendell Atlantis) and then the roadie bike (Rivendell Rambouillet). They are the VP Components Thin Gripster pedals. In addition to the new pedals, I got new shoes, the Chrome Storm Truk sneakers. The sneakers are made of waterproof cotton duck.

Thin Gripster pedals

On the Atlantis, I also have the Hold Fast straps. Here is how it looks on the Atlantis. Yes, I did get ‘matching’ strap colors. Sue me…

I love the sneakers and pedals. I cannot say enough good things about them. The sneakers are comfortable, stylish, and very grippy. I used to have the Chrome Kursk sneakers and they were nice but not this grippy. I have ridden in a light rain, I stayed on the pedals, and my feet stayed reasonably dry. It was not a deluge but still, they did as advertised. Staying on the pedals is key since we seem to do the Bon Ton Roulet in monsoon rains every year.

The Hold Fast straps, I have a love/hate relationship. When my feet are in the straps, they work great at keeping the pedal and my foot as one very comfortably. My feet can move around a bit and still maintain contact. My biggest gripe is that my left foot is my moving foot. I take that one out at lights and stop signs and then reinsert it. It is a major pain in the ass about half the time to get my foot back in the damn strap. It collapses and I am stuck in traffic trying to wedge my foot into the strap. Sliding your foot in is problematic since the pedals have spikes to enhance grip and prevent sliding. About 10% of the time, I have to resort to reaching down and pulling it on. It could just be me but it is a pain…

I would give a huge thumbs up to both the pedals and the sneakers. They are amazing. The straps could be me or maybe I am not used to them yet but I keep debating removing them since they can be such a pain and the busier the road, the more likely they will need assistance.


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