Bike to Work Day in Catonsville

While I don’t have to Bike to Work any more, I do have to bike in order to work. It keeps me fit and focused. Some days are too busy, even for someone with a home office, but I am biking as much as I can during the workweek.

Catonsville’s first-ever Bike to Work Day provided the perfect reason to get out and ride today. John and I rode over to the pit stop- Santa’s House by the town’s fire station. I know, cute. There was free coffee and donuts, and swag for registered riders. The Hub/ C’ville Bikes was there, with extroverted owner Scott meeting and greeting . John headed off on his actual commute to work. I took part in a 3-woman virtual bike to work, riding to and around the CCBC campus, then to UMBC and yes back out via Hilltop Road (read: punishing hills). Thank you Maureen for leading our ride.

The weather was perfect and the ride was a great way to start the day.


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