Evening Ride in Real Spring Weather

This spring has had more than a couple of days of cold dreary weather. On Tuesday John commuted to work in 3 layers of wool. Yes it warmed up by the end of the day, but it started out in the 30s. Two days later it was warm with just a little rain that was over with by mid-afternoon.

Yesterday’s little bit of biking to do errands was just a tease. Today I managed to get out for an hour. Better. Not an optimal time, it was around 5 pm. But after the first few miles, I was in the park and then on a road that for the most part has a wide shoulder. It was a pretty evening and the ride was fun.

Patapsco State Park

Patapsco State Park

Once I got home I started getting the Nishiki ready for it’s move to my sister’s house. She’ll keep it for her daughter who is in the Peace Corps for about another year.  First I swapped out the saddle. I am happy to give the bike to my  niece, but I’m keeping the Brooks. Of course there were more parts to the saddle attachment than I’d realized. Of course I dropped them all on the shed floor before I could notice how they go together.

After some fumbling and swearing I got it all reassembled and the Planet Bike saddle correctly attached. Next I  removed the old cork grips. A rodent  gnawed off the end of one of the grips a few months ago. I didn’t want to give it to her like that. Those grips were glued on tight; when I first had them installed, they kept slipping off and I think the mechanic ended up super-gluing them on.  Next I repositioned the right thumbie. Another bike mechanic in DC had positioned it awkwardly after it became loose. I never got around to fixing it and it always annoyed me.

I gave it a quick test ride and all was good. It’s a sweet bike.  No one is more surprised than I am when I manage to do things like this. On a 1-10 scale of mechanical ability, I am something like a .75.  Tomorrow, I will try to put on the new grips and shellac them.


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