Linus, Farewell

My Linus Mixte 8 had a specific purpose in my life: to transport me to the local train station, wait there for me all day and then get me back home. Occasionally, it took me on some local errands, too. It served it’s purpose well. But that purpose disappeared when I changed my employment status. No more regular commutes to DC, so no need to devote scarce storage space to it. My touring bike and folder can fill all my cycling needs and interests.

My sister was pretty interested in it. Then her husband gave her a wonderful birthday gift. You guessed it, a brand new bike! So last night, I posted the Linus on CraigsList. Based on past experience, I anticipated some measure of hassle. I was so wrong.

Two hours after posting the ad, I got an email from E., saying she lived nearby, wanted a Linus, and could stop by that night to get it. She and her partner arrived an hour later. E took a quick test ride, negotiated the price a bit, and off they went, the Linus bundled into their Honda Fit. The whole process was amazing, including the fact that bike fit in that very small car.

Brief review of the Linus Mixte 8: Bottom line: a great bike for short commutes and rides around town. It’s sturdy, stable and handles well. Oh, and it’s very pretty. Adequate pedals (though they’re not grippy enough when wet), good brakes and ok handgrips. Saddle is pretty uncomfortable but tolerable for short rides. It’s pretty much ready to go from the moment of purchase, with bell, fenders, rear rack and reflectors. No lights, though. I loved the internal hub shifter. On my test ride, the Linus took the hills pretty easily. On my commute, which involved hauling some commuter gear up several increasingly steep uphill miles on the return trip, I worked pretty hard but could make it. The Mixte 8 comes in Linus’ medium frame size only. It’s described as fitting people 5’2" to 5’10". I’m just under the line, at 5’1" and it fit me fine.

Next, the Nishiki goes to Pennsylvania, to await my niece’s return from the Peace Corps. And then I’ll be down to 2 bikes!


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