Brompton Goes to Work

The Brompton and I rode to CCBC today for my Saturday a.m. class. It’s a short yet rather hilly ride, this being Baltimore County. My 6-speed Brompton handled it fine. The ride was the easy part. The challenge was finding an unlocked entrance to the building and then locating the classroom which turned out to be on the gym’s ground level.  It worked out, though. With the help of an early-arriving student, we got the room set up quickly. The 2-hour session flew by

I chose to bring the Brompton, figuring  it into a corner of the classroom with no worries about finding a secure spot to lock up. I had no problems bringing it in — my “cute” bike was much admired by staff and students. It turned out two of the students were cyclists, too. The C-bag nicely held my teaching materials, water bottle, cell phone and wallet with room to spare. It was a sunny, windy cool morning, so I wore my very Brompton-appropriate tweed Sheila Moon jacket, which I scored on sale at an NAHB show a couple of years ago.  Had it warmed up enough, I could have folded it into my bag for the ride home. No need though, as  it was still chilly for the return trip. I believe the Brompton will be my ride of choice for commuting to this class. 


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