First Day of Spring – Brr

Happy Spring, everyone. The good news here: no snow.   Some sunshine.  Still chilly though and slated to get colder as the week continues.

I made  time for a much-needed ride in today’s schedule. Not only are deadlines pressing, my 18-year old cat, Lucy, is on a countdown to the end of her days. She continues to be her sweet self and welcomes all attention, but mostly she just curls up and sleeps now. Pets have short lives,  a predictable but still tough part of the deal. My brother wrote “Lucy is simply the best cat I’ve ever known.”  Well, yes. And I know that eighteen years is a pretty good life span for a cat.

The 10-mile afternoon ride that was a nice antidote to these stresses and sorrows. I maintained a brisk-for-me pace, including a couple of intervals on the flatter stretches.  The chilliness gave way as I got into the uphill half of the ride. By the end I was considering removing my jacket but didn’t feel like stopping to do it.

I’m still working on regular bike commuting for the brain, which I can see is important for the home-based solo entrepreneur. So far I seem to be managing to get in 1-2 rides per week. The plan is to increase it to a regular 3 times weekly, a fitting goal to set on this first day of spring.







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