Nishiki Comes Home

My vintage Nishiki mixte road bike came to me via E-bay in quite good shape. After some maintenance and upgrades it became my DC commuter. It lived at Bikestation, where I picked it up after my MARC ride into Union Station. For 2+ years, it did the 6 mile round trip. It needed a new bottom bracket after a while. When I decided to get some narrower handlebars to make parking easier that started a bit of a cascade, requiring two sets of new shifters. The first new thumbies I got didn’t hold up, but the used ones I then found for it have been fine.

It takes some doing to get a bike from DC to Baltimore. I finally got the chance today. I tagged bike transporting onto a work meeting. This involved a) figuring out what to wear that would be warm enough, bike-friendly and meeting-worthy; b) parking in Silver Spring; c) metroing into Union Station; d) biking to my meeting, and then e) riding back to my car in Silver Spring. The ride I did was pretty much my former commuting route, taking Florida to U to 14th. It was nice riding it again, especially at a light traffic time.

Apparently cycling in Baltimore County has changed my perspective and/or made me a lot stronger. The final hill on 14th NW used to be a killer. Today it didn’t seem like anything much. The Nishiki handled it fine and so did I.


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