Yesterday’s Bike Commute for the Brain

I have 4 simultaneous deadlines to meet. But it’s not the kind of thing I can do 12 hours per day without a break. My brain would melt.

Realizing that, I made time for 20 minute bike ride. Didn’t get far, partly because one side street I turned on was blocked by BG&E trucks. They’re replacing all the meters in town, which seems to mean also tearing up all the residential streets, one by one.

Twenty minutes was enough for me. I was a little sore from Sunday’s ride. Not my legs either. I don’t know what went awry as the padded shorts I wore Sunday are normally perfectly comfortable. Whatever it was, I can see its going to take a few days to heal!

It was a lovely, sunny mid-40s afternoon, and my brain did feel better when I got back home.

Today has been a return to the cold, rain and wind. Not the day for a bike commute. Not the day for walking either, my dog tried to convince me.


2 thoughts on “Yesterday’s Bike Commute for the Brain

  1. 20 minutes is so much better than 0 minutes! I’m so looking forward to the clock springing forward so I can sneak in extra daytime minutes. And on a final biking note, thank you so, so much for your support of my ride for Moveable Feast! I’m excited to ride from Ocean City to Baltimore, though I fear it will take longer than 20 minutes to do so. 🙂

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