Some Rides Are Not So Fun

I didn’t much enjoy today’s ride. I can’t say why. It was our typical 15+ mile training loop on a beautiful, sunny, cool and windy day. Such welcome weather after the alternating very cold and rainy weather weeks we’ve had.  There was a pretty good head wind for about half the ride and strong crosswinds at times. I had the strength to cope with it but somehow kept thinking, “I don’t know if I can do this.”

Nevertheless I could and had no real problems. Just needed plenty of water. That much wind can make you thirsty! I even had a good idea (I think) about how to rewrite the home page of my life coaching site. It popped into my head as I pedaled, in the way ideas on occasion appear while riding. I rewrote the page after I got home and I think it worked pretty well. You can check it out here if you’re inclined.

The ride went just fine, I got a useful idea during it and afterwards was glad of the exercise. I enjoyed have done the ride more than I enjoyed actually doing it!


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