Sunday, Sun, Light Wind

As John commented the other day we’ve lately done more writing about biking than actual biking. We haven’t posted a whole lot lately, so that suggests how little bike time we’ve had in recent months. Blame it on laziness, busy-ness, darkness, inauspicious weather…all have been factors. But today those barriers lifted and we made it out for a great, if in the end slightly painful 15-16 mile ride. After yesterday’s cold temperatures, heavy winds and gray skies (and no, if you live in New England I am not complaining!) today’s relative warmth and sunshine feel great.

It was one of those cool but not cold days that requires putting some thought into what to wear. I wore 2 wool layers and light jacket, wool knickers, socks and gloves. I folded my Buff in half and used it as a hat under my helmet.  This gear worked fairly well.  I was just a little chilly on the initial downhill, a bit warmish on the longer uphills and for the more moderate stretches just right.  As we were finishing, my feet were getting a little cold. A few degrees colder and I’d have needed boots instead of the sports shoes I wore.

There was a slight headwind on the home stretch, which was a little challenging combined with those last couple miles of hill climbing using out-of-shape muscles. Challenging as in I expect to be sore tomorrow. That’s ok though, the ride felt great!


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