Review – New Handlebar Set Up

This is how it looks:

New Components for ANT New Components for ANT

This is how it feels: great! It took a while and I’ll skip the long story. John posted about it previously. The end result is after swapping out my Albatross bars and bar end shifters for this new setup I am a happy cyclist. Actually I very much liked the previous components too but was ready to try a change. The new riding position feels comfortable and seems to give more power for handling our hilly terrain. The brifters offer a comfortable reach to the brake levers and easy shifting. The interrupter levers give easy access when quick action is needed, or when I just don’t feel like reaching forward. The leather handlebar tape looks great and is comfortable with or without gloves.

I’ve found just 1 downside to this change. There’s not much real estate left on these bars. This has caused me to rethink light placement and I can’t attach a handlebar bag or basket. As you can see, I do have a front rack, so the workaround is obvious.

Overall, a successful change. So far my longest ride with the new configuration is about 15 miles. More comments after I use it on a longer ride.


2 thoughts on “Review – New Handlebar Set Up

  1. I also have interrupter levers on my drop bars and they are great for city riding where I like the more upright riding position (or just being lazy). You are definately right though, it really cuts down on available real estate. I’ve attached a few items to the stem instead…still miss not having a real handlebar bag though.

  2. @Kevin See and I thought the problem was that I am small and therefore my handlebars are relatively narrow. But it’s really the interrupters, which I like having for the reasons you describe. Each choice involves some wins and some losses. How’s that for philosophizing on a stormy night?

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