Best Road Tires on the Planet

Compass Bike Tires

Last summer, Nancy and I splurged on new bike tires for our ANT and Atlantis respectively. Both bikes are touring/commuting bikes with road 26-inch wheel sets. We bought the Compass 1.75-inch tires from Compass Bicycles. The title might be a little over the top but these are by far the most comfortable bike tires I have ever ridden on. They have been ridden on a variety of road conditions including some amazingly crap ones in the Finger Lake region of New York. They have not had a single flat in probably 2000 plus miles and the wear has been minimal.

Previously, we had used Schwalbe Marathon Supreme tires. They were/are absolutely bombproof but they are not plush by any standard. They also feel sluggish in comparison.

My thoughts here are if you positively need to not have flats then I would pull the trigger on the Marathons but for all other road conditions, I would buy the Compass tires every single time. I am getting a pair for the Rambouillet as soon as winter clears out.


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