Hiatus Over?

John posted earlier this month about an early winter riding hiatus. There is something about the colder weather and darkness falling earlier that subdues my energy for riding. Since November I’ve been riding a lot less than I had been all year, even though this so far has been a mild winter.

In part this is because as of November 30, I am self-employed. Among the many changes the new workstyle brings (freedom to write a quick mid-day cycling post being one), biking isn’t a built-in part of the day’s routine. I need to regroup here. I did ask the boss to let me take a few bike riding breaks per week. I made the case that it would make me far more productive.

Yes, I had that conversation with myself. Apparently I have an internalized ok-meter that needs to be adjusted. Having granted myself permission, I’ve started creating  new routine and took a few short rides each week during the past couple of weeks.

This weekend  we wrested some time for a 15-mile ride from a rather too-busy schedule. It was a great day for it, temperatures in the high 50’s, sunshine included. The first half of the ride involved a significant headwind. There was surprisingly light car traffic, perhaps due to people preparing for the evening’s Ravens-Patriots game.  I can report that both my ANT’s new components and my under-exercised body performed well. Maybe I can work my way back to the 40+ miles/week I’d been averaging last year. That’s the goal!


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