New Stuff Has Arrived

This weekend was — for better or worse — busy with bike maintenance items in a spectacular Saturday. It was almost 60 and sunny. It was have a perfect Day for a ride; especially in January! But it was not to be.

Instead, we brought Nancy’s bike to [College Park Bikes]( along with my Rambouillet. In the continuing saga with her bike, the LBS wanted to drill a hole in her beloved ANT frame to fix the brake conundrum. The short story is short-pull brifters combined with long-pull V-brakes. My bike was brought in for a decaleur installation to go with the new [swift industries]( handlebar bag and [Paul Competition Racer Medium Brakes](

Rather than drilling a hole in Nancy’s frame, Charles suggested that we use a travel agent. So the original brakes went back on along with a travel agent for about $40 and one hour of time. After a two week drama of trying to get the brakes to work at the LBS that was clearly overmatched by the mixte, it was a great relief. However by the time we got home, it was too late for a ride. I figured that Sunday was going to be more of the same but the weather today sucked. So reviews will have to wait till next weekend.


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