Fall/Winter Weekend Ride

It was a gift of a winter Saturday. Temperatures in the 60s, sunny and beautiful. I was more than warm enough in a wool Tshirt, wool sweater and wool blend knickers.  I had lightweight full finger gloves on and got warm enough to remove them halfway into the ride.  It gets dark so early now that by about 4 pm we stopped to turn on our lights.

We haven’t had much in the way of wintry weather yet. But we have had rain and chilly weather, enough to require extra layers and make your feet cold.  I was very happy to find today that my legs feel fine, in spite of the lack of cycling miles lately.

Coupling the less than ideal weather with some mild illnesses and a week of work related travel and I haven’t ridden much in a few weeks. Yesterday helped make up for that. An easy going 17 or so miles through Howard County, followed by dinner at Aida (good, but be prepared for an expensive check) and Skyfall (fun, though it seems this is the end of Judy Dench as “M”). 


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