Philly Bike Expo

Overall, this was a great weekend. We would highly recommend this show. While it is light on builders, the show has a great vibe to it and we saw some builders that do not go to the NAHBS.

Nancy and I went to Philly on Friday and returned this morning @ 11:30am. We got to Philly @ 11am on Friday and with a one hour phone call on Friday for me and some emails for Nancy, this was a distraction free weekend.


  • Bike show itself
  • Meeting Martina Swift and her husband of Swift Industries.
  • Finding a great possible new backpack by North Street.
  • Getting a cool new cycling cap by Rothera Cycling.
  • Some new cleaning goop.
  • Hop Sing Laundromat was an amazing cocktail bar.
  • Reading Market was tacky but the food was good.
  • Grace Tavern was a great bar.
  • Tria was a great wine bar.

4 thoughts on “Philly Bike Expo

    • I think so, Kate. It was small, at least in comparison to the NAHB. There were fewer vendors and builders, but more time to meet them and learn about their bikes and products. I really liked the friendliness and relaxed pace of the show. Definitely there were nice bikes and gear to look at, and buy!

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