Why I Like My Bikes Better than My Car

My love of cycling and of my bikes mystifies many of my noncycling friends. They  see my enthusiasm for bike commuting and travel as amazing/quirky/cute/crazy/difficult.  I think it’s none of those things. I do think getting around by bike is more fun (usually) and more sound for body, mind and environment than travel by car.

I  do own a car and use it when weather, distance, time constraints and hauling capacity make it the more practical way to go.  I like my car, but I don’t love it.

Here are my top 5 reasons for loving my bike:

1. Biking makes me an active participant in my surroundings. Even when those surroundings are adverse, that connectedness is a good thing.

2. Biking can be either  a solo or a social activity, or both at once.

3. I presently own 4 bikes. Added together, they cost far less to buy and operate than 1 car.

4. My bicycles keep me fit as a natural part of commuting, errand-running or travelling.

5. My bikes take up little space and don’t pollute.

6. I have to add one more. Bikes are elegant and aesthetically pleasing.

Banking by Brompton

Biking makes part of the surroundings: one week after the derecho.

ANT mixte and Atlantis – elegant and beautiful!

I could keep going – there are lots of reasons I love my bikes.  What do you most love about bikes and bicycling?


4 thoughts on “Why I Like My Bikes Better than My Car

  1. I love how my bikes look. Particularly since I just got my 1986 Cannondale ST-500 painted (pictures soon on My Side of The Ride blog). Loving how they look makes me want to ride them more often. And riding them, I realize how comfortable they are, which then makes me want to ride them more. A good circle.

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