Businesses Doing The Right Thing


A couple of months ago I bought a Linus 8 speed mixte to use as a local commuter and around-town bike. It’s nice, it’s pretty, it’s fun to ride and for the most part comfortable. I put maybe 25-30 miles a week on it. I bought it from LBS Race Pace in Ellicott City. You can imagine that I was dismayed when I noticed a few days ago that the handlebars had loosened. John tightened the loose bolt under the stem and suggested I call Race Pace to let them know this had happened.

The store  manager handled the unwelcome news politely and professionally. He had me bring in the bike so it could be completely checked over. I hadn’t thought of asking for that.  He gave me the shop manager’s name so I could be certain that an experienced mechanic would do the work. The shop manager likewise was friendly and businesslike, getting the work done within an hour.  I am totally impressed by Race Pace’s responsiveness and will continue to shop there.

More recently, about a month ago, I got a discontinued Detours Teecan pannier. It was on sale, roomy and lightweight, and easily converts from backpack to pannier. That’s very helpful for my multi-modal commute. I’ve been happy with it so far. I did have to add in a waterproof stuff sack as it’s mesh sides mean anything you carry will get wet in even a light rain.

Last week  one of the hook adapters that makes it fit my rack came out, which I noticed well after the fact. It was lost. I emailed Detours. They responded the next day, saying they would send out a new set. Once the part was in the mail I got a notification and tracking number, and it was here within a few days.  Detours bags seem to get mixed reviews but I  the company’s customer service is great. I’ll review the bag again after I’ve had it a little longer.



One thought on “Businesses Doing The Right Thing

  1. That’s always nice to hear about companies that have excellent customer service. Our old bike store at home was like that, but sadly, the guy who ran it decided to move on.

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