In Which We Beat the Storm, Lose and Find Electricity and the Cat

It was an August weekend in Baltimore. In case you live elsewhere that means it’s extremely hot and humid. We had things to do, weekend rituals like going to the farmer’s market, walking the dog, folding laundry, that kind of stuff. It was 2 pm before we got on our bikes, when the temperature was peaking. If it wasn’t 100 it sure felt like it. We kept the ride short (15.6 miles).Lets just say I was thankful when it ended!

Perhaps it was our new Compass tires that got us back ahead of the storm, which hit earlier than expected. John got the tires first and thought I’d like them so I ordered a set too.  My  Honjo hammered fenders fit over them with plenty of clearance, which I am very glad about as I am very attached to those fenders.

These tires replaced Schwalbe Marathons which we’ve both been using. Great tires, especially if you want to be sure you won’t have to worry about flats. Other reviewers like the Marathons  (see this review by Brooklyn by Bike, for example). I never felt dissatisfied with them, but these new tires are really something.

So far I’ve ridden on the Compasses twice.

Pros: The Compasses roll with so much less resistance than the Schwalbes.  They are also amazing at absorbing the rough spots in the road, making the ride much more comfortable. As the Compass site warns, you may never want to go back to your old tires once you’ve tried these.

Cons: None noted. Well one very small one. I wish they had the reflective sidewall (is that the right term?) that the Schwalbes have.

I can’t speak to their flat resistance, but John rode on his through the Bon Ton Roulet this year with no flats. And we saw lots and lots of people changing flats throughout the ride.

The sky was darkening as we finished the ride. Thunderstorms were predicted for the evening but it appeared they would arrive early. John went out to buy a new water bottle cage. I laid down and promptly fell asleep, to be wakened a half hour later by thunder, lightening and pouring rain. The first thing I noticed was that the electricity was out. The next thing I thought of was the cat. She had been lounging in the back yard when we came back, uninterested in coming inside.

I looked for her everywhere I could think of that might provide a hiding place for her, calling her name, but no Lucy. John got home and joined the search. In a flash of inspiration, he looked under a large, overturned planter where she had cleverly taken shelter. While it continued raining, we sat on the front porch enjoying  some wine and a watermelon from our backyard garden.  As we relaxed there (and wondered if we’d be able to shower this evening) the electricity was restored. So all ends well, cooler temperatures, less humidity, cat safe and sound, kabobs on the grill for dinner.


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